Voltage Optimiser Systems

What is a Voltage Optimiser?

Voltage optimisation is a form of voltage management technology. Installed to match the voltage of the incoming grid supply to the specific equipment in a home or business premises, it can be used to save energy.

Mains electricity supply in the UK is currently 230V with a tolerance of +10 per cent to -6 per cent. If your home or business is being supplied with power at a higher or lower voltage level than you require, you may have operational issues or you might be wasting energy and therefore money.

Some items of electrical equipment can consume greater levels of energy at higher voltages – and this is where voltage optimisation solutions can help. This equipment is designed to change the voltage level from the grid supply to the level needed by appliances in your home or business – and to save energy in the process. In other words, it reduces the voltage of the electricity that is supplied to equipment, meaning that excess voltages from the grid supply aren’t used on site. The technology uses a series connected transformer to reduce the voltage level.

According to BEAMA, formerly the British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers’ Association, by reducing supply voltages to the lower end of the statutory voltage range, these solutions could help users to make average energy savings of around 13 per cent.

Less wasted energy resulting in cheaper electricity bills.

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