Affordable Solar Maintenance Services for Your PV systems

If you already have a Solar PV System then you know the high purchase costs involved, so why not look after your investment with the Solar Armour Maintenance plan.


How our maintenance plan works

Solar Armour’s + Maintenance Plan includes an annual:

Panel clean

Every year one of our professional panel cleaners will clean your panels using a specialist solution designed to keep your panels clean and working at their optimum performance levels.

Visual inspection of panels

Our Solar Armour technician will conduct a visual inspection of your panels, making sure they are still secured to the roof hooks and rails and there has been no damage from birds or other rodents.

Checks of inverter, batteries, meter and other components

Your inverter, batteries, meter and other components e.g. Emersion heater controller will be thoroughly checked to ensure there are no loose wires or damage.

Voltage checks

We will check the DC and AC voltage, making sure there are no voltage spikes on the inverter, which can lead to system failure.

Professional analysis of energy produced

This professional analysis includes a correlation of the data displayed against app data ensuring there are no anomalies and that energy is not being lost.

Yearly findings report

Solar Armour’s maintenance technician will produce a yearly report of findings from the maintenance check they have carried out at your site, all findings will be documented in your Solar Armour + Report.

25 point inspection maintenance checklist

A 25 point inspection will be carried out based on the MCS recommended maintenance checklist. This covers key aspects such as making sure the inverter is still mounted securely and is well ventilated, new vegetation growth doesn’t increase shading and module clamps are secure etc.


And with a 24-hour response time you can be guaranteed that your Solar PV investment is in capable hands.

Once you have signed up, Solar Armour will book you in for your initial inspection and a technician will conduct your first system survey within 30 days.

From only £24.99 per month


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4 reasons you should choose the Solar Armour + Maintenance Plan

Peace of Mind

With an annual analysis of energy produced you can be assured you are getting the best possible performance from your system

Protect your Investment

Any potential problems with your system will be identified and fixed early, potentially saving you from expensive bills later on down the line

Save Money

An annual clean of your panels will remove any excess dirt build up making sure they are producing as much solar energy as possible

Extend Life Expectancy

Solar Armour will check your inverter, batteries and meter, making sure all systems are working at their optimum performance levels

Protect your investment today


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